Weekly Schedule


Weekly Schedule

6:00   am   Rebroadcast of Worship (Charter Communications Channel 19)
8:30   am   Worship Service (Warehouse Auditorium)
9:40   am   Sunday School
10:50 am   Worship Service (Main Sanctuary)
11:00 am   Worship Service (Live on WVCC 720 AM; Rebroadcast on Charter Communications Channel 19 &
                   Nulink Channel 10)
4:00   pm   Senior High Choir (224C)
8:30   pm   Rebroadcast of Worship (Nulink Channel 10)
4:30   pm   6th Grade Handbells (223C)
6:00   pm   Adult Beginners Handbells (223C)
7:00   pm   Bronze Praise Handbells (223C) – 7th & Up Youth Orchestra – (Main Sanctuary)
9:30   am   Explorer’s Bible Study (Warehouse)
1:15   pm   VOE Choir Rehearsal (224C)
5:30   am   Men’s Bible Study
12:00 pm   Ladies’ Lunchtime Bible Study (Warehouse)
4:15   pm   Chimes for Christ (233C)
4:45   pm   Family Night Dinner (Fellowship)
5:30   pm   Heart Friends Bible Study (Patria) & Children’s Choir (B & C Buildings)
6:00   pm   Prayer Meeting (Fellowship Hall)
6:15   pm   Children’s Missions ( A, B & C Buildings)
6:30   pm   Orchestra Rehearsal (Main Sanctuary)
7:00   pm   Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal (224C) & IMPACT (Warehouse)
6:00   am   Men’s Prayer Breakfast – Newnan Chick – Fil – A Dwarf House
9:15   am   Ladies Bible Study (Patria)

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