Deacon Nomination Ballot


Please pray for the nomination of Deacons to be held on Sunday, May 17, 2020.  Let us keep before us the qualifications for a Deacon as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-12.

The following men are Deacon Emeritus and not eligible for election.

Allyn Bell

Preston Fulmer

Charles Gordon

Larry Hightower

David Jessel

Edwin Johnston

Elmer Kendall

Bill Loftin

Will Noe

Don Porter

Bob Slay

Jimmy Sprayberry

The following men are currently serving as Deacon.

Please do not list them on your ballot.

Chip Barron

Frank Barron

Richard Booth

Lanny Camp

Doug Cantrell

Tim Carroll

Sam Cook

Bill Danbury

Jerry Davis

Tom Dennis

Jim Fowler

Jared Griffis

Zac Harrell

Mike Hendrix

Todd Hester

Tim Higgins

Randy Hogan

Charles Holcombe

Lee Hunter

Kevin Krigline

Stanley Lanier

Robbie Long

Gordon Mohler

Warren Moore

Clint Murphy

Chuck Musciano

Matt O'Mahoney

Brian Schermerhorn

Rhodes Shell

Bob Stitt

Tommy Sweet

Russell Vineyard

Guy Ward

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