Refund Policy


Refund Policy


The purpose of this policy is to define First Baptist Church of Newnan, Georgia refund policy for all contributions. First Baptist Church of Newnan, Georgia is not legally required to refund any donor contributions. A charitable contribution is a gift, an irrevocable transfer of a donor’s entire interest in the donated cash or property. Contributions must be irrevocable to qualify for a charitable deduction.

General Guidelines

  • First Baptist Church of Newnan, Georgia is not required to return an undesignated or unrestricted gift. As such, requests for refunds relating to unrestricted gifts will be denied under most circumstances.
    • Exception A: Refund requests for duplicative or erroneous processing may be allowed.
    • Exception B: Refund requests of significant gifts (greater than $10,000) will be reviewed thoroughly and must be approved by Rev. Andy Brown.
  • In some instances a refund of a designated or restricted gift may be allowed if the purpose for which the gift was given will not come to fruition.First Baptist Church of Newnan, Georgia will contact the giver and ask for the restriction to be removed or if the giver would like his or her contribution returned. For example, donations for mission trips may be refunded if a trip gets canceled and the donor requests a refund.
  • Payments for events may be refunded up to 24 hours prior to the event if the user contacts the event coordinator or church office. Refunds for no-shows will be at the discretion of the event coordinator.