Volunteer Sign-up


Volunteer Sign-up

Each week we will need numerous volunteers to assist in each service. Please look over the following positions and sign-up today.
Greeter: Welcome individuals to our worship service. As they arrive, direct them to the temperature check station.
Temperature Checker: Ensure the thermometers are in the proper settings (NOT baby bottle mode. NOT Centigrade). Wear gloves. Hold Thermometers a few inches from forehead. Ensure reading is under 100.1. If over 100.1, ask the guest to step aside to be rechecked in a moment. Check two more times (or send the individual to another station to be checked). If the temp reads over 100.1, notify the staff member present. Please tell them where masks are located if they do not have a mask.
Grusher - Ensure social distancing while waiting to be seated. "Grushing" should be done casually by greeting and letting the family know an usher will be with them momentarily. Grushers will have a clicker (provided) to count how many folks are in each venue.
Usher - Please sit families with each other, beginning with the front and working backward.

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