Virtual Sunday School

Virtual Sunday School

Our Sunday School Groups are now meeting online during our regular Sunday School Hour 9:40-10:40, as well as various times throughout the week.  If you are interested in visiting one of our online groups we want to help you connect to the right group for you and your family.  Please contact Eric Marston at for information on how to connect this week with a group.

How You Can Stay Connected

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to get you started. Use these five steps to host your online Bible study  or Sunday School class and watch how powerful the Internet can be when you use it to teach God's Word.

  1. Create a Zoom account (or check with your class members, one might already have an account). The free option limits you to 40 minutes. The paid option is only $15 a month. Users can join by any device using the free App available on Apple Store and Google Play.
  2. Schedule meeting in Zoom and send an invite to all your class members via text or email. We don't recommending posting to social media as "video bombers" may show up with unacceptable content.
  3. Leave time for some social interaction before the bible study begins.
    • The host should designate some co-hosts to help out. One can watch the chat for questions and watch participants for "raised hands".
    • Go over "housekeeping" rules. This may be some users first experience doing an online video conference. Guide users on chat and raising their hand functions.
    • Mute All button keeps sideline conversations quiet during teaching time.

If you have questions or want to join a class that is doing an online bible study contact Eric Marston for more information and class contact information.

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