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Trail Life USA partners with churches and parents across America as the premier national character development organization for young men which produces generations of godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens. In over 850 churches in all 50 states, fathers and sons are connecting, relationships are deepening, and legacies are beginning as a new generation of godly leaders rises up.

Trail Life USA
Trail Life Woodlands (K - 5)

Trail Life Woodlands (K - 5)

Sunday | 4pm | Next meeting is September 11
Boys love hiking, camping, fishing, tree-climbing, story-telling, and s’mores around campfires.** Weekly meetings are designed with that in mind. Young Trailmen engage in hands-on experiences that develop character, deepen faith, and hone practical skills in the seven program branches (Outdoor Skills, Life Skills, Heritage, Hobbies, Values, Science & Technology, and Sports & Fitness).

Boys also love stickers, patches, pins, and awards. Each week as boys meet in their patrols, they work on a Branch Step as part of a planned meeting or a “Hit the Trail!” adventure.

Along the trail boys engage with older boys in the Troop and with mentors who are vetted by church leadership, background checked every year, and must complete extensive Child Safety and Youth Protection Training.

Trail Life Navigators (Middle School)

As Navigators, boys age 11-13 gain understanding of their values and beliefs under the guidance of godly male role models through being responsible in outdoor adventures and in their home and school life. They explore areas of interest and earn Trail Badges for advancement.

Trail Life
September 12 Monday

Trail Life Navigators (Middle School)

Trail Life Adventurers (High School)

As Adventurers, young men ages 14-18 mature in wisdom and faith through more difficult challenges and leadership activities with Christian men walking alongside. They plan and lead outdoor events and large projects while exercising leadership positions in the Troop, even mentoring some of the younger Trailmen.

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