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The Family Experiences gives parents a plan to pass down your faith to your children and students through intentional age and grade-based experiences ranging from birth to 12th Grade.

We know through research and the Bible that parents carry the primary responsibility and the most spiritual influence in the lives of their children and students. Because of this reality and truth, we want to equip and resource parents and grandparents with these Family Experiences as we partner together (church and home) to win the next generation to Christ and to see them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

These Family Experiences are going to do several things:

After viewing the video and understanding the what and the why behind participating in these Family Experiences there are some next steps that we would like for you to take:

Resources for your family experience

Monthly parenting lesson

Parenting Class, Tools and Book Reviews – Every month we want to share with you resources to help encourage you, inspire you and partner with you as a church on this most amazing and even at times difficult journey we all call parenting.  In this section of resources below we will share a 2-3 minute monthly parenting video, a toolbox of resources for parents beyond the yearly Family Experiences (offered on our website) and periodic parenting book reviews for the busy parents who may not have enough time to read an entire parenting book.  As a parent, God has given to us a great calling and opportunity to leave a spiritual legacy in the life of our children, and as a church, we want to journey alongside you providing you tools and resources to make the greatest impact we possibly can together.  We want to pray for you, encourage you and inspire you in this journey of making disciples in your home. So God bless you as we partner together!


Building what Matters in our Kids: Identity: Guiding and shaping our Kids Identity

Identity Matters: Building what Matters in our Teens: Identity: Building and Modeling Identity in Christ

Toolbox resource

Book reviews

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