pastor search committee

We need every church member to be praying for the committee as we search for the man that God has ordained to be our lead pastor.

This group of lay people pledges to work hard, take the call to be diligent, and prayerfully search for God’s chosen pastor for First Baptist Church.

Our Committee

Beth Barnett
Jerry Davis
Jim Fowler
Jeremy Hand
Charles Holcombe
LC Lane
Russell Vineyard

Craig Brazeal
Laura Horton
Emily Pappas

Jackson Grote, Youth Representative
Michael Miller, Chairman of Deacons

Pastor Search Committee Covenant of Agreements

As members of the pastor search committee of First Baptist Church of Newnan, we gladly covenant to participate in the work of the committee according to the following agreements.

Covenant of Ethical Behavior
We agree to relate to each member in a manner consistent with the ethical standards characterized by Jesus Christ.

Covenant of Spiritual Preparation
We agree to make Bible study and prayer ongoing priorities in our lives.

Covenant of Prayer
We agree to pray daily for each committee member and for the work of the church.

Covenant of Unity
We agree to work in unity, not regarding ourselves as of more value than others, "diligently keeping the unity of the Spirit with the peace that binds us" (Eph. 4:3).

Covenant of Honesty and Openness
We agree to be honest and open with others on the committee, always seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance so that the fruit of the Spirit identified in Galatians 5:22-23 will characterize our participation.

Covenant of Confidentiality
We agree to refrain from discussing with persons outside the committee, with the exception of our spouses, information shared in committee meetings unless the committee agrees to release information to other church members.

Covenant of Faithfulness
We agree to remain faithful to the church and its ministries so that church members will have confidence in the committee and so that we can effectively and honestly interpret the work of the church to prospective pastors being considered by the committee.

Pray For the Search Committee


I thank You for this church--its history of ministering the gospel in word and deed. Thank You for the faithful men and women who have led us through the years. We're grateful for how our current staff devotes their best for Your kingdom, serving You with excellence by the power of Your Spirit.

Today, we come together as a church, seeking Your will for our next pastor. We ask for unity and clarity as we begin the search process. Thank You for this team! Guide them by Your Word and Holy Spirit to find our next shepherd. Grant them humility, discernment, and patience as they speak with candidates and work together. May we support them in our prayers and encouragement. As Aaron and Hur held up the hands of Moses, use us to help this committee. Remind us daily to pray for them. Use this process to bring revival to this church. We desire to be the people of God, on mission in this city, nation, and world!

In Jesus' name.


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